Lectures WS 2019/20


Within the Research Training Group, various lectures are offered to advanced master's students and doctoral researchers. These lectures are categorized in four different groups:

  1. Basics
  2. Phenomena
  3. Computational Methods and
  4. Field Theory and Renormalization Group Methods

Each doctoral student is recommended to attend some of these lectures during the first years of his or her PhD studies. Please find the corresponding courses for the upcoming winter semester 2019/20 in the box below. Many of the lectures belonging to the two methodological topics are held in block courses before or after the actual lecture times in the semester.

Additionally, PhD students are also recommended to visit those master's courses which are of relevance for their studies.

Also, doctoral researchers are encouraged to attend some master's courses in Experimental Solid State Physics that are related to their individual research topics. Beginning in the winter semester 2014/15, all master's courses will be given in English.

Finally, the Center for Doctoral Studies offers a variety of key skill courses, including "Good Scientific Writing", "Academic Presenting" and "Speech and Debate". Some of the courses are given in English, others in German. Additionally, students can apply for language classes in English, German and other languages at the Center for Doctoral Studies.


Lectures WS 2019/20

  • Topology in Condensed Matter Systems by Prof. Schoeller and Dr. Petyukhov
  • Functional renormalization group for nonequilibrium transport through mesoscopic systems by Dr. Jakobs
  • Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter I by Prof. Wessel
  • Nonequilibrium Green's functions and open quantum systems by Prof. Schoeller
  • Quantum optics by Prof. Hassler
  • Theoretical Solid State Physics by Prof. Mazzarello
  • Symmetries and the Many-Electron Problem by Prof. Pavarini