Path Integral Methods for Quantum Optics


Lecture details

This lecture will be held by Professor Hassler.


  • path integrals in quantum mechanics
  • open systems (Lindblad master equation, Fokker-Planck equation)
  • coherent states of harmonic oscillators
  • Martin-Siggia-Rose path integral for open systems
  • driven-dissipative phase transitions
  • lasing transition
  • parametric amplifier and squeezing

Learning goal:

The students can apply path integral methods to a wide variety of problems in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems. They can evaluate the applicability and limitations of such calculations. They are familiar with the framework of stochastic quantization and understand how the path integral method relates to other open-system methods. Additionally, the students are introduced to the basic principles of quantum optics as a foundation for performing their own research in this field.


Alex Kamenev, Field Theory of Non-Equilibrium Systems, Cambridge University Press, 2011

Time Room Start/Finish
Mon. 2.15pm - 4.30pm Online 26.10.2020 - 08.02.2021