Advanced Theory of Topological Insulators


Lecture details

This lecture will be given by Dr. Pletyukhov.


The lecture will cover an overview of topological phenomena in condensed matter systems with a focus on the following subjects:

  • Basic models: SSH, Rice-Mele, Kitaev chain, Majorana model, etc.
  • Symmetries: chiral, time-reversal, particle-hole, inversion
  • Topological invariants: Winding numbers, Chern numbers, Zak phase, Z2-invariant
  • Dirac's magnetic monopole
  • Geometric Berry's phase
  • Classification of symmetry protected topological insulators and superconductors
  • Topological adiabatic pumping
  • Topological theory of electric polarization
  • Boundary charge: universal properties and fractional charges
  • Quantum Hall effect
  • Floquet topological insulators
  • Topological field theories, Chern-Simons theory
  • Topological magnetic textures (skyrmions, merons)
  • Topological classification of defects in crystals


Solid state physics and quantum theory of condensed matter

Time Room Start/Finish
Wed. 1pm - 5pm Online 14.10.2020 - 10.02.2021