Nonequilibrium Green's functions and open quantum systems


Lecture details

The lecture will be given by Professor Schoeller.


The course deals with the quantum mechanical description of nonequilibrium many-body systems far from equilibrium and will cover two complementary and different approaches: I. Nonequilibrium (Keldysh) Green's functions for large systems with weak interaction strongly coupled to an environment, and II. Quantum kinetic Master equations for small quantum systems with strong interaction weakly coupled to an environment:

I. Keldysh Green's functions
- - Keldysh formalism
-- Quantum Boltzmann equations
-- Symmetries, Ward-identities and conservation laws
-- Mesoscopic systems

II. Open quantum systems
-- Quantum dots, interacting resonant level model, Kondo model, Spin boson model
-- Quantum field theory in Liouville space
-- Perturbation theory
-- Real-time renormalization group

Time Room Start/Finish
Thurs. 12.30pm - 4pm 4263 (26C/401) 10.10.2019 - 30.01.2020