Functional Integrals in Many-Body Theory


Lecture details

The lecture will be given by Professor Meden.


  • Brownian motion and Wiener functional integral
  • Feynman path integral
  • Gaussian integrals and perturbation theory
  • Path integrals in imaginary time
  • Coherent state functional integrals
  • The functional renormalization group

The student acquires the knowledge how to employ functional integrals to solve problems in statistical mechanics, single-particle quantum mechanics and many-body quantum mechanics.

For the time schedule, you can also refer to the university calendar:

Time Room Start

Mon. 8.30am - 10am

4263 (26C/402)

17.10.2016 (15 dates)

Wed. 8.30am - 10am 4263 (26C/402) 19.10.2016 (15 dates)
Wed. 10.15am - 11.45am 4263 (26C/402) 19.10.2016 (15 dates)