Computational Many Body Theory


Lecture details

This lecture will be given by Professor Pavarini.


  • Fermi gas and liquid
  • quantum statistics
  • second quantization
  • Green functions
  • linear response theory
  • applications from nuclear or condensed matter physics

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Specific learning goal:

Understanding of basic notions of quantum theory of many particles and its their implementation in practical simulations.

General leaning goal:

Ability to explain and discuss the solution to the exercises in class. Using the computer as a problem-solving tool (scripting/plotting)


  • A.L. Fetter and J.D. Walecka: Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems, Dover, 2003
  • H. Bruus and K. Flensberg: Many-Body Quantum Theory, Oxford., 2004
  • W. Nolting and W.D. Brewer: Fundamentals of Many-Body Physics, Springer, 2009
  • E.Pavarini, E.Koch, F.Anders, and M.Jarrell: From Models to Materials, FZ-Jülich, 2012

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