Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter II


Lecture details

The lecture will be given by Professor Schoeller.


  • Central topic: Many-body theory with functional integrals
  • Optional topics are: Fermi liquids, instabilities (magnetism and superfluidity), collective excitations, Hubbard-Model, quantum magnetism, impurities and local correlations, linear transport, weak localization, Green's functions in nonequilibrium, open quantum systems, Luttinger liquids

Learning goal:

  • Deeper understanding of important phenomena in condensed matter physics based on advanced quantum field theoretical methods


Fetter, Walecka: Quantum Theory of Many-Particle Systems
Mahan: Many-Particle Physics
Philipps: Advanced Solid State Physics
Bruns, Flensberg: Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics
Abrikosov, Gorkov, Dzyaloshinski: Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics
Wen: Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems
Negele, Orland: Quantum Many Particle Systems

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Thurs. 8.30am - 10am 4263 (26C 401) 12.04.2018 - 19.07.2018 (12 dates)
Fri. 8.30am - 10am 4263 (26C 401) 13.04.2018 - 20.07.2018 (14 dates)
Fri. 10.15am - 11.45am 4263 (26C 401) 13.04.2018 - 20.07.2018 (14 dates)