Quantum Information


Lecture details

The summer semester is held as a digital semester. In principle, as agreed by the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, all courses that can be offered remotely will take place online for the entire summer semester.

The lecture will be given by Prof. Müller and Prof. Wegewijs.


  • What is quantum computation and information: protocols & algorithms?
  • Physical realizations of quantum information in the solid-state
  • Techniques for manipulating and protecting quantum information

Recommended requirements:

Good knowledge of linear algebra. Knowledge of quantum mechanics is helpful, but not necessary.

Time Room Start/Finish
Mon. 10.30am - 12pm N/A 06.04.2020 - 13.07.2020
Mon. 12.30pm - 2pm N/A 06.04.2020 - 13.07.2020
Tues. 12.30pm - 2pm N/A 07.04.2020 - 14.07.2020