Quantum Measurement


Lecture details

The summer semester is held as a digital semester. In principle, as agreed by the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, all courses that can be offered remotely will take place online for the entire summer semester.

The lecture will be given by Prof. Di Vincenzo.


Quantum measurement will be examined, both from a foundational perspective, and from the perspective of applications in quantum information processing. Specific topics include:

  • Basic theory of partial measurement -- Kraus and superoperator representations
  • Charge measurements in quantum computing
  • Dispersive measurements in quantum computing
  • Amplification, quantum and classical
  • Continuous measurements -- the stochastic calculus
  • Measurements of the vacuum -- entanglement in the vacuum
  • Quantum Darwinism


Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory at the advanced bachelor level.

Learning goal:

The students can increase the basic understanding of quantum measurements and extend their knowledge of quantum information theory. The students can apply the theoretical concepts to the real present-day laboratory quantum measurements. The students can master the theoretical skills for application in the research work.

Time Room Start/Finish
Mon. 9.15am - 10am N/A 20.04.2020 - 13.07.2020
Mon. 2.30pm - 4pm N/A 20.04.2020 - 13.07.2020