Quantum Error Correction


Lecture details

The summer semester is held as a digital semester. In principle, as agreed by the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, all courses that can be offered remotely will take place online for the entire summer semester.

The lecture will be given by Prof. Terhal.


  • stabilizer qubit quantum error correction
  • Clifford gates
  • fault-tolerant quantum circuits
  • Knill-Laflamme conditions
  • decoding
  • topological codes
  • bosonic quantum error correction


Quantum Information course (also fine if enrolled in current summer semester), programming in Python (recommended).

Learning goal:

The students understand the basic concepts of the theory of quantum error correction for qubits and can apply the theoretical ideas for defining the logical qubits with better performance compared to the constituent qubits. The students are able to learn the notions in a hardware-independent manner. The students can develop mathematical tools to encode qubits into oscillators and learn how such encoding can handle dominant sources of noise. The students can solve a wide variety of problems in the field of quantum error correction.

Please note:

On Tuesdays, the lectures will be recorded in TU Delft and made available online soon after. In the same week on Fridays, the lectures will be broadcasted at RWTH Aachen followed by weekly exercises. For more details, see the schedule at RWTHonline. The workload for students is: hand-in weekly exercises (60%) + final presentation on one paper 40%.

Time Room Start/Finish
Fri. 2.30pm - 4pm N/A 24.04.2020 - 17.07.2020
Fri. 4.15pm - 5pm N/A 24.04.2020 - 17.07.2020