Functional Renormalization Group for Nonequilibrium Transport through Mesoscopic Systems


Lecture details

The lecture will be given by Dr. Jakobs.


At the 'Institut für Theorie der Statistischen Physik', the functional renormalization group is frequently used to compute charge or spin currents through quantum dots and wires. When the method is formulated within the framework of Keldysh formalism, it allows to study nonequilibrium situations with finite bias voltage or temperature differences.

The lecture covers the following topics:

  • Keldysh-formalism, generating functionals for Green- and vertex functions
  • flow equations for the 1-particle irreducible vertex functions
  • description of open quantum systems in Keldysh formalism
  • application to model systems

For the time schedule, you can also refer to the university calendar:

Time Room Start

Mon. 2.15pm - 3.45pm

4263 (26 C 401)

13.04.2015 (13 dates)

Tues. 2.15pm - 3.45pm 4263 (26 C 401) 07.04.2015 (8 dates)