Magnetism in Condensed Matter


Lecture details

The lecture will be given by Professor Mokrousov und Professor Ležaić


An understanding of the quantum mechanical nature of magnetism has led to the development of new magnetic materials which are used as permanent magnets, sensors, and in information storage. There is a set of fundamental ideas behind these developments, which rely on symmetry breaking, order parameters, excitations, frustration, and reduced dimensionality. This course is devoted to an overview of these concepts starting with the origin of atomic magnetism and the emergence of itinerant magnetism in periodic solids. Different types of magnetic interactions and different types of magnetic structures will be dicussed in detail. While the emphasis of the course is on theory of magnetism, also basic experimental concepts evolving around magnetic detection or applications will be discussed.

The course is structured as follows:
1. Magnetism of isolated atoms.
2. Magnetism and crystal field.
3. Magnetic interactions.
4. Magnetic interactions and spin-orbital effects.
5. Order, broken symmetry and magnetic stuctures.

For the time schedule, you can also refer to the university calendar:

Time Room Start
Mon. 1.15pm - 2.45pm 4272 (MBP1 015) 13.04.2015 (13 dates)
Thurs. 10.15am - 11.45am 4272 (MBP1 015) 09.04.2015 (12 dates)