Hotel information

In Aachen you will find a lot of hotels. If you want to book your own accommodation we recommend to choose a hotel in the city centre.

In addition, we have set up call-up quota with two hotels nearby the meeting venue. The mentioned hotels offer single and/or double rooms from September 18 to September 21, 2023. Please get in contact with them to book your accommodation accordingly. Please do not forget to mention “RWTH" when booking to get the special rate. You may need to book via email or phone in order to get the special rate.

Here are the available hotels:

b&b Hotel Aachen (link B&B)

Phone: +49 241 9437 967 0

single/double room including breakfast: 83,55 €

Cancellation policy :
free of charge till date of arrival

The call-up quota expires on August 25, 2023.

Hotel Marschiertor (link Marschiertor)

Phone: +49 241 31941

single room including breakfast: 69,00 €

Cancellation policy:
free of charge before September 7, 2023

The call-up quota expires on August 25, 2023.